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Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono - Characters

Image: Name: Data:
[ Kotobuki ]
  • Kotobuki
  • One of the "nameless ones" from an orphanage. At 6 years of age, a fire occurred at the institution and she was the sole survivor. Since then, she had no choice but to live as a thief. However, she wished that if ever she got the chance, she would find herself a proper job. A late bloomer to romance, she's constantly being kept off balance by Raimon's agressive advances.
[ Raimon ]
  • Raimon Shiragi
  • Former captain of a military company, ****
[ Shouka ]
  • Shouka
  • For all that she's got no control****
[ Haru ]
  • Haru
  • One of Shouka's followers. Is cool towards his boss too.
[ Kokusai ]
  • Kokusai
  • One of Shouka's followers. Due to certain circumstances, has earned Raimon's resent.
[ Yan ]
  • Yan Mizuchi
  • Leader of the resistance group "Teki". He's only just succeeded the leadership after the death of his father. ******
[ Yan's Followers ]
  • Yan Followers
  • Members of the "Teki". *****
[ Adeleit ]
  • Adeleit Wilson
  • Daughter of a major corporation owner. While only 11, her manner of speech is not at all childish. After having lost her father, ******
[ Ann ]
  • Ann
  • Head of the orphanage where Kotobuki grew up. She was thought to have perished in the fire at the orphanage but...
[ Hilt ]
  • Hilt Guill
  • ******
[ Touya ]
  • Touya Igram
  • One of Hilt's subordinates. *******
[ Phire ]
  • Phire Maishel
  • One of Hilt's subordinates. Her role is to *****
[ Los ]
  • Los Corpul
  • Raimon's adoptive father. *****
[ Rikuro ]
  • Rikuro
  • A mysterious young man with unusual powers. He saves Kotobuki a number of times when she gets in trouble. He seems to know Raimon from before. It also seems he has some connection with Tsubasa but.......
[ Doctor ]
  • Doctor
  • One of the ******
[ Aya ]
  • Aya
  • A robot who lived with Hakase (Doctor). She has two companions Suzu and Rin who are of the same design. In truth she's a killing machine but has a very gentle personality.

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