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Saiunkoku Monogatari - Story of the Country of Coloured Clouds

Translator's Notes (updated 06-08-08)

Story Timeline

Novel translations / summaries:

[ Vol 1 ]

Vol 1
© 2003
Yukino Sai
Kadokawa Shoten
Beans Bunko
ISBN: 4-04-449901-2

Shuurei is the daughter of the Kou (crimson) family, one of, if not the, top families of her country, Saiunkoku. Despite its status, the household is very short on money. In order to earn money to be able to feed the household, Shuurei quickly accepts a very generous offer that comes her way. However, the request is for her to turn the "useless Emperor", who has only recently taken the throne, into a proper ruler. Moreover, while doing so, she's to enter the Imperial Residence as a consort.

As there are no other consorts, the Imperial residence is filled with empty rooms; it seems like the problem Emperor has no interest whatsoever in women at all! And so the strange relationship between Shuurei and the Emperor begins...

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