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Saiunkoku Monogatari - Characters

Image: Name: Data:
[ Shuurei ]
  • Kou Shuurei
    紅 秀麗
  • The main character and daughter of Kou Shouka, she is the eldest daughter in the direct line of descent of the Kou family. Tired of her poor living, she unthinkingly accepts an offer for a large sum of money. However, the task before her is to become the useless Emperor's consort and to get him to take his responsibilities seriously. 16 years old.
[ Ryuuki ]
  • Shi Ryuuki
    紫 劉輝
  • The useless Emperor of Saiunkoku. The youngest of six sons, he ascended the throne unexpectedly six months earlier. He seemingly has no interest in ruling and leaves all his duties to others. 19 years old.
[ Seiran ]
  • Shi Seiran
    茈 静蘭
  • The sole retainer to the Kou household and member of the imperial guard, he was taken in 13 years earlier by the Kou household. He claims to be 21 (in story 1).
[ Shuuei ]
  • Ran Shuuei
    藍 楸瑛
  • The fourth son of the Ran family, he is the shogun of the Emperor's Left Forest Wing troop (Sauringun); part of the Emperor's personal guard. He is old friends with Li Kouyuu.
[ Kouyuu ]
  • Li Kouyuu
    李 絳攸
  • Adopted child of Kou Reishin, he's the youngest person to pass the National Exams for people wishing to become government officials at the top of the class. He was forcibly assigned to the Emperor at Shou Taishi's request and Reishin's approval. While his adoptive father is a source of much stress, Kouyuu greatly admires him and can't say no to anything he requests.
[ Ensei ]
  • Rou Ensei
    浪 燕青
  • An old friend of Seiran's, he specialises in using the staff and especially fighting unarmed. Self-proclaimed as being lousy at fighting with a sword. He hates shaving.
[ Eigetsu ]
  • To Eigetsu
    杜 影月
  • He came to the capital from Seika Village in Koku Province and is 13 years old. He has a "problem" with alcohol.
[ Yougetsu ]
  • Yougetsu
  • Normally hidden, Yougetsu comes to the surface when Eigetsu drinks alcohol. Most clearly identifiable from Eigetsu thanks to his eyes.
[ Kourin ]
  • Kourin
  • Around 13 or 14 years old, she helped see to Shuurei's needs when she lived in the imperial residence as Ryuuki's consort.
[ Ryuuren ]
  • Ran Ryuuren
    藍 龍蓮
  • Ran Shuuei's younger brother, he's a genius, extremely eccentric and calls Shuurei his first soul friend (he calls Shuuei foolish elder brother #4). He dresses in an outlandish and very flashy style and plays an iron flute.
[ Kijin ]
  • Kou Kijin
    黄 奇人
  • Given name Houju (鳳珠)
  • Kou (Yellow) Kijin (Eccentric Person). His looks and voice are unknown. He started wearing a mask ten years ago, after the woman he loved married another man. As a result, not too many people know his real name or his true appearance. He is the senior secretary of the Department of Finance.
[ Reishin ]
  • Kou Reishin
    紅 黎深
  • The current head of the Kou (crimson) family, he is Shouka's younger brother. After discovering that Shouka had been ousted as next head of the family in favour of himself, he then goes after his brother and now lives in the capital. He greatly loves and admires his elder brother and cares a great deal about Shuurei. Unfortunately, he seems unable to introduce himself properly to Shuurei and so she doesn't know who he is.

    Reishin adopted Kouyuu many years ago and, while he cares a great deal about him, will never give a hint of that. He likes to tease Kouyuu and while, when he's motivated can do more than virtually any other, he more typically doesn't do much work and instead leaves it to Kouyuu. He is the Senior Secretary of the Department of Civil Affairs.
[ Shouka ]
  • Kou Shouka
    紅 邵可
  • Shuurei's father, he's responsible for taking care of part of the imperial treasury - specifically the archives. His tea (aka papa's tea) is almost deadly in its horrible bitterness. He seems very gentle and a bit out of it, and is totally hopeless at household affairs, but...
[ Shou ]
  • Shou Taishi
    霄 太師
  • One of the three chief advisors and head of the 100 officials. It was his idea to bring Shuurei to the palace in an attempt to change the Emperor.
[ Sou ]
  • Sou Taifu
    宋 太傳
  • A seasoned fighter, he trained Ryuuki off and on at Shouka's request. One of the three chief advisors.
[ Sa ]
  • Sa Taiho
    茶 太保
  • Given name: Enjun. (鴛洵)
    One of the three chief advisors that heads the 100 advisors of the governing body.
[ Shusui ]
  • Shusui
  • The lady in waiting in charge of seeing to Shuurei's needs. Apparently, she's not very good at embroidery.
[ Ro Kanri ]
  • Ro Kanri
  • Court official from the department of protocol in charge of the top 20 people who passed the National Exams. He assigns Shuurei to cleaning the toilets and Eigetsu to cleaning shoes for their morning duties.
[ Seien ]
  • Shi Seien
    紫 清苑
  • The second son of the previous emperor. He was exiled when Ryuuki was 6. It is uncertain whether the prince still lives or not.
Incidental Characters:
[ Ryuushin ]
  • Ryuushin
  • One of the local kids taught by Shuurei.
[ Kochou ]
  • Kochou
  • The top courtesan of the red-light district, she hired Shuurei to work at her brothel taking care of the books after Shuurei's mother died. She treats Shuurei as a younger sister / daughter.
[ Yuuri ]
  • Kei Yuuri
    景 柚梨
  • Assistant Secretary of the Department of Finance, he's worked a long time with Kou Kijin. He also knows Kijin's true name as well as what he looks like. He is greatly impressed by Shuu-kun's work and wishes for him to take the National Exams.
[ Kou Kurou ]
  • Kou Kurou
    紅 玖琅
  • The youngest brother to Shouka and Reishin, he was responsible for seeing Shouka passed over as head of the clan in favour of Reishin. His personality is very similar overall to Reishin's except with respect to how he views Shouka; Kurou sees Shouka as useless.
[ Shuurei's Mother ]
  • Kou Shoukun
    紅 薔君
  • Shuurei's mother. She died very suddenly when Shuurei was young and ill. She's very stubborn and rejected Shouka for a very long time before coming to love him and eventually agreeing to marry him. She loves Shuurei and Seiran very much.
[ Santa ]
  • Ou Keichou

    王 慶張
  • A childhood friend of Shuurei's. He joined the Seikintou hoping to become a better man than Seiran and to become strong enough so as to get back at Seiran for getting thrown into the river in the middle of winter. He's the third son of a local merchant.
[ Dr. Tou ]
  • Dr. Tou
    陶 老師
  • Top physician to the Imperial court.
[ Touka ]
  • Touka
  • One of the local children taught by Shuurei at the temple.
[ Haku Raien ]
  • Haku Raien
    白 雷炎
  • Daishogun of the Right Uringun guard.
[ Koku Yousei ]
  • Koku Yousei
    黒 燿世
  • Daishogun of the Left Uringun and Ran Shuuei's superior.
[ Heki Hakumei ]
  • Heki Hakumei
    碧 珀明
  • Fellow exam candidate, he just missed being in the top three list on the National Exams. He was forced into helping watch over Ryuuren during the exams as one of the few people who had the wherewithal to withstand him. He hates unfairness.
[ Sai Shoshou ]
  • Sai Shousho
  • Senior Secretary of the Department of Protocol.
[ Emperor Senka ]
  • Shi Senka
  • The previous Emperor of Saiunkoku and Seien's and Ryuuki's father. Considered a great ruler, his reign was filled with violence and unrest.
[ Seien's Mother ]

  • One of Emperor Senka's concubines, she was a sickly and weak-willed person. Her father was convinced her beauty would capture the Emperor's heart and therefore, not only did he not tell her the conditions to her being sent to the Imperial Residence, he told her that she specifically had been invited.
[ Seien's Grandfather ]

  • Seien's grandfather plotted to have Seien made Emperor. As a result, Seien and his mother were exiled to Sa Province.
Characters to Come:
  • Lin Senya
    琳 千夜
  • Sa Sakujun
    茶 朔洵
Second eldest son to the Sa clan. Very bored with life.
  • Sa Chuushou
    茶 仲障
Younger brother of Sa Enjun (Sa Taiho)
  • Sa Soujun
    茶 草洵
Eldest son to the Sa clan.
  • Meishou
Second-in-command of the "Satsujinzoku" before it was crushed. He's the only one who survived the band's destruction as he was away at the time. Head of the newly revived "Satsujinzoku".
  • Chougai
Head of the previous "Satsujinzoku" before it was wiped out.
  • Sai Rin
    柴 凛
  • Sai Shou
    柴 彰
  • Tei Yuushun
He took the National Exams in the same year as Kijin and Reishin. He has difficulty walking after his leg was injured.
  • Sa Kokujun
    茶 克洵
  • Shunki
Grand-daughter of Eiki and she loves Kokujun. She stopped speaking when she was a young child.
  • Eiki
Sa Enjun's widow.
M.I.A: Characters that are not included in the anime but are in the original story.
  • Shourin
  • Youshun
  • Dr. You
    葉 医師
  • Very capable herbalist in the East Kou quarter.

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