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Akuryou Series - The Ghost Hunt

Welcome to Shadow's Ghost Hunt Project Page. Here, you will find translations for the manga Ghost Hunt by Inada Shiho based on the novels by Ono Fuyumi presented in a number of different ways. This is a personal look into different methods of translation and various ways to present these on the web. What are the styles of translation we have? See here to find out.

Note: Ghost Hunt is now being released by Del Rey books. As a result I've suspended most of this section until the translations can be separated from the scans. Because of this, there will be many broken links in this section.

If you enjoy this title, please support the creator and publishers and buy the books. ^_^

Fansub Project
Shadow Dreams Fansub tracking post can be found here. This project will be done on a story-by-story release concept--if we start a story, provided the title doesn't get licensed in the meantime, we will finish it. We hope you enjoy our fansub release for Ghost Hunt!


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Vol 1
© 1998
Inada Shiho
Ono Fuyumi
ISBN: 4-06-178894-9

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