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Fruits Basket - The Characters

The anime and manga versions of Fruits Basket, while having much the same characters have slightly different chronology in introductions. Also, there are some characters from the manga that were not introduced in the anime. As much as possible, all characters from both the anime and manga, as well as their various names, will be introduced below. Those marked with a * contain information translated from the Fruits Basket Character Book by Takaya Natsuki, 2001.

Please note: some SPOILERS may be contained in this section.

Hanajima Family

Honda Family

Miscellaneous Individuals

Prince Yuki Fan Club members

Sohma Clan - Cursed Members*

Sohma Clan - Others

The Student Council

  • Manabe Kakeru
  • Sakuragi Naohito
  • Toudou Kimi
  • Kuragi Machi
  • Takei Makoto

Uotani Family

  • Uotani Arisa
  • Uotani father

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