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No, this isn't about my (Shadow's) dreams, or at least not entirely, but rather dreams from and in that place that's not light. :P

This site is Shadow's personal translation site. The translations on this site are strictly for personal use and are not to be used for scanlations without Shadow's express written permission. The Tsubasa wo Motsu translations listed on this site form the base of the Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono scanlations released by Red Butterfly. Those seeking permission to use Shadow's Tsubasa translations should inquire with the Red Butterfly group.

While Judal's Vampire Game series has been licensed and is currently being released by TokyoPop, I've discovered that their version is actually an adaptation of Judal's work and not a true translation. As a result, I've decided to start translating this series as well. I won't say the TokyoPop rendition is necessarily *bad* but it isn't how the manga was originally written. Also, while the English version seems to follow the general story line (as far as I've read of both), there are some slight differences in minor details on top of what TP decided to add into the story.

Due to earlier problems with the Fruits Basket translations, this site has switched to posting chapter summaries for Fruits Basket rather than translations.

Please note, Shadow is not a translator and has never completed a Japanese course. Rather, by working on these translations Shadow hopes to further build her own reading comprehension of the Japanese language and also how Japanese relates to English. Materials used in building this site and for working on the translations include:

  • Casio EX-Word XD-V6200 (electronic dictionary - "Marvin")
  • Sony SR-M7000 (electronic dictionary - "Ed")
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements v2.0 (graphics)
  • HTML tutorials and scripts from Hotscripts.com, HTMLGoodies.com, phpResourceIndex.com and Tucows.com
  • scans from the Fruity Group Mailing List, current Hana to Yume releases, various tankoubon releases © Takaya Natsuki / Hakusensha
  • scans from Ghost Hunt tankoubon © Ono Fuyumi, Inada Shiho, Kodansha Publishing Corp.
  • scans from Vampire Game tankoubon © Judal, Shinshokan Publishing Co.
  • screenshots from the Fruits Basket R2 DVDs © Takaya Natsuki, Hakusensha, King Records, TV Tokyo

This site is being hosted courtesy of Merrow of randomfandom.com. If it weren't for her, we'd still be on GeoCities. Thank you, Merrow!

Thanks to Selphie for donating the "blank" volume cover for future Fruits Basket releases.

This site is now link free.

Those reading the site diary will know that Shadow also writes Ghost Hunt fan fictions. Those wishing to gain access to that section of this site should e-mail Shadow privately.

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